Sweet Sweet Sugar Cane


A dark rich rum with flavors of our base spirit, sugar cane syrup and our Amber Oak. This combination makes for a nice sipping rum or mixer. Versatile and smooth.



This rum is of course our pride. We grow and harvest sugar cane in the valley. Once a year harvesting makes this a seasonal batch spirit. The cross between the tropical cane and desert soil makes for a unique flavor, excellent for sipping.


This rum is made from compressed sugar cane from Colombia. This clear spirit is a perfect mixer, compliments any cocktail or recipe.


So many flavors! A wonderful combination of spices and fruit makes this rum a perfect gift for any occasion, makes a great additive to your favorite holiday cocktail.

Amber Oak

Rum rested on bourbon oak, aged to bring out a bold but smooth spirit. A perfect sipping rum served neat or on the rocks.

Roasted Coconut Lime

A sweet and tangy overtone of roasted coconut and lime, mulled in our base spirit. This rum brings a little of the tropics to our desert. Uplifting and fresh.